Belier Design

Founded by Hong Kong-Canadian fashion designer Vien Lee, Belier Design offers both custom-made gowns and ready-to-wear bridal attire from her studio in Sheung Wan.

Whether you’re looking for a gorgeous ready-made gown, a perfectly tailored dress, or a talented designer to bring your vision to life, Belier Design is the place to go. Conveniently located in Sheung Wan, this bridal atelier is run by Vien Lee, a fashion design student of Studio Bercot, Paris.

Drawing inspiration from her travels, Belier Design’s pieces emphasise beautiful fabrics sourced from all over the world, complemented by elegant yet sexy cuts that appeal to the modern bride who’s still looking for a touch of romance.

If it’s a bespoke gown you’re after, you will be put into the hands of Vien herself, who will guide you through the three- to six-month dressmaking process. Taking into account her client’s body shape, personality and desires, Vien will work with you, lending her expertise in fabric, design and style to collaborate on your dream gown.

Room 1502, CS Tower, 50 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan,,

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A Lesson in Lace with HITCHED! Bridal

There’s no one way to wear a lace wedding dress. The delicate fabric evokes a timeless elegance, but it’s also surprisingly versatile. Within the world of lace, the materials range from fine and feathery to thick and textured. The cuts vary too, so brides can veer from the classic silhouette for a look that’s as contemporary as they please. We quiz Dana Trang, owner of HITCHED! Bridal, on how to choose a lace you’ll love.


Follow the Pattern
“If a bride is concerned about the quality and texture, then she should go for French lace. French lace tends to be ivory, not white, and is generally more fine and intricate with interesting patterns. Laces manufactured in other countries, such as China, tends to be rigid and heavier. But of course,
French lace is much pricier.”

Own Your Style
“Lace is feminine and romantic and that’s how many brides would like to look and feel on the day,” says Trang. “There are so many types of lace and designers are always coming up with different ways to work with it, so there is something for everyone.”

“I think it’s a very personal choice, so the first thing is to find the type of lace and pattern that you like. Then try it on to see if it suits because, interestingly enough, different types of lace suit different people.”

Give it a Twist
“For a more contemporary look, I’d suggest illusion necklines with lace appliqué; a lace dress with a nude or blush lining; a fitted gown with a detachable lace train; and unusual necklines.”

“Another playful way to use lace is with a different lace pattern on every layer of the dress, so when you look at it as a whole, you see intricate patterns shining through. If a bride wants a cleaner look, they can choose a dress with a lace bodice but with a crepe skirt.”

Take Good Care
“Care for it the same as you would any other wedding dress, but of course be careful not to get rings and bracelets caught on the lace. Lace dresses generally don’t crease as easily, so you actually don’t need to spend as much time steaming it!”

Add a Memento
“Some brides actually wear their mother’s or grandmother’s lace dress by altering it to a more modern version. If brides don’t want to go to such extremes, they can see if the lace appliqué of their mother’s or grandmother’s dress works when added to their gown. The same could be said of veils – provided that the colour and length work, the lace hem could be used to make a veil.”

Picture Perfect
“Some lace photographs better than others. Corded lace – since it’s more 3D – and laces with intricate patterns will definitely photograph better. Brides can also consider choosing a cream, nude or blush lining so that the lace pops against a contrasting colour.”

“Ivory on ivory lace will always be a classic, and generally works on all skin tones, but with a darker beige or nude lining, you will need to be more careful. Depending on skin tone, there’s a chance of looking too ‘naked’ or washed out!”

Lisa Swinbanks Capes

Inspired by a mix of Japan’s cutesy “kawaii” culture and English heritage, designer Lisa Swinbanks has just the thing to inject a bit of whimsy into your wedding style: a custom capelet. These pretty lace tops provide a fresh twist on tradition. Wear it with a skirt in lieu of a typical wedding gown, or go with a crop-top look for bridesmaids dresses. Who doesn’t love this vintage-glam vibe?

From $247,


Your girls will forever remember you as the world’s best bride if you turn to online gown shop TH&TH for their ensembles. Launched just last year, the brand’s ready-to-wear collection features elegant yet affordable gowns in lush fabrics and modern colours. The debut collection borrowed inspiration from the English countryside, featuring a blush and blue palette, pretty scalloped lace, plunging backs and delicate details. Prices start at around 150 pounds for a dress, making it an affordable treat.

The Wedding Gown

Newly launched at the end of December, The Wedding Gown is the newest bridal gown shop on the scene. With a collection of gowns from the likes of Liz Martinez, Nicole + Felicia and Sivan Ben David, the dresses here focus on fashion-forward detailing, romantic embellishment, and unexpected cuts. In fact, many of the gowns eschew the classic ivory in favour of nude and cream shades. Price hover around the $30,000 mark, with rental options also available.

22/F, C Wisdom Centre, 37 Hollywood Rd., Central, 9189-3997,