Mimosa bars and other inspired ideas

 Get ready for another whimsical wedding season ahead – crystal cakes, donut walls, DIY tattoo corners and all. Wedding stylist Vicky C. of The Theme Wedding weighs in on the hottest trends.
Who doesn’t love a fresh mimosa? After years of over-complicated concoctions, couples are turning back to this crowd- pleasing cocktail with make- your-own mimosa bars and slight twists on the classic.
Another super-sweet trend is donuts – ready-made spreads and DIY tables, where guests can decorate their favourite fried treats with frosting, sprinkles
and the like. It’s equal parts delicious and interact.
Couples are finding new ways to make their day memorable – including temporary tattoo corners. A fun touch for any reception, tattoos can be custom-designed to reflect your wedding’s colours and theme.
Calligraphy, last year’s big trend, is appearing alongside unconventional patterns, like marble. These swirling styles will lend an instant sophistication to any invite.
If crystals catch your eye, then these cakes will steal your heart. The “geode” themed cake is in high gear this season, with towering desserts designed to resemble all your favourite minerals with a funky depth effect and, in some cases, glitzy gold foil. These cakes are almost too pretty to eat.


Founder of The Theme Wedding Design, Vicky C. designs personalised weddings with innovative ideas and inspiration from around the world.
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