Something Thine

If you need a beautiful–or even quirky–pair of wedding shoes, then check out Something Thine, a creative company that offers tailor-made wedding shoes and other accessories. Whether you’re looking for white or silver shoes to go with a western white wedding gown, bright red footwear for a Chinese wedding–or even something wacky such as a pair of Converse sneakers embellished with ribbons, feathers and “Double Happiness” symbols, you’ll find it here. What a great idea to keep you dancing late into the evening! The team here are willing to bring your ideas to life, no matter how “out there” they happen to be, and they also offer a service for men. Something Thine also offers wedding gowns and gift favors though its sister company, Dream a Little. More on that in future posts.

1118, Radio City, 505 Hennessey Rd., Wan Chai, 9703-9250, [email protected],

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