Real Weddings: Echo Chan and Anyway Ng

Echo and Anyway met at the Jao Tsung-I Academy in Lai Chi Kok, where they clicked over their passion for history and heritage buildings. It’s where the met, fell in love… and eventually got married.

QWhy did you choose Jao Tsung-I Academy?

Echo Chan: Our wedding venue has so much sentimental value for us: Jao Tsung-I Academy is where we met and fell in love. The Academy is a heritage building that was recently revitalised into a cultural hub. I work here, and I met Anyway when he worked for the building conservation project several years ago. 

QWhat else did you have in common, other than history?

EC: We are both backpackers and travel addicts. We fell deeper in love on a trip to Russia and the Baltic Sea in 2012. Since that trip was so special to us, we returned to Eastern Europe to take pre-wedding photographs on our honeymoon.

QSo the honeymoon was before the wedding?

EC: Yes! We travelled and took our honeymoon before we
actually got married. After that we travelled around the world to India, Cambodia, Iran, China, Taiwan, Turkey and along the Trans-Siberian Railway.

QAnd when did you get married?

EC: We came back from our pre-wedding trip just a few days before our wedding. Then we organised everything and decorated the venue – the Skylight Atrium in the Jao Tsung-I Academy. We chose this place because it has lovely natural light spilling into it. The atmosphere and surroundings are beautiful with an outstanding red-brick heritage building.

QWhat else was unconventional?

EC: Our parents wanted us to have a grand wedding party, but sometimes the focus of those large banquets aren’t on the bride and groom, but rather on what everyone thinks of the party, how much money was spent, and superficial things like that. We knew that wasn’t how we wanted to celebrate. We wanted to have an intimate party that represented us with all of our most treasured guests there.

QHow would you describe your wedding decor?

EC: Simple, beautiful, impressive and meaningful. We invited our best friends to participate in the party – we planned, designed and decorated the venue with their help. The result was gorgeous: they put up a display of our photos from the honeymoon trip, which was very special to us. 

QWhat else did you do a little differently?

EC: Actually, our best friends did most of the work! The banquet, reception flowers, settings, MC, photography – they were all prepared and provided by our best friends. In addition, a son of our colleague played the violin. 

QHow did your wedding reflect your personalities?

EC: We are spontaneous people, and we wanted to have a wedding that was casual but meaningful as well. The venue had limited seating, so we only had our nearest and dearest around. It was quiet, open, natural and has real Hong Kong culture – our guests loved the atmosphere.

In hindsight…

Glad I spent on: Venue booking, decorations and
wedding cards

Glad I saved on: Everything else! Our friends made this
a truly memorable day


Venue: Jao Tsung-I Academy

Venue Design: Trashure Design Limited,

Venue Decor: DIY by
our best friends

Our friends Dragon Wong, Will Chan, Jenny Leung and Jacky Lam

Food: We provided snacks and fruit tarts

Wedding dress:
Tailored in Guangzhou, China

Wedding tux: H&M

Flowers: Our friends Karen Ma and Jenny Leung

MC: Our best friend Armie Ma​

Background music:
Violin by Alvin Lau

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