Real Weddings: Ann and Simon

University sweethearts, Ann Yiu & Simon Cho tied the knot at the beautiful Bauhinia Garden in Kowloon Tsai Park.

How did you two get engaged?

Ann Yiu: It happened in Geneva, under a tree in front of The Smurfs Building. We were just finishing a two-month backpacking journey through Europe. I found out later that he had actually picked out various other venues for the proposal, but they were too noisy or crowded or just the wrong atmosphere. So the entire time we were traveling, he had been carrying around this tiny box of “bandaids” in his backpack – that’s where he was hiding the ring box – and looking for the right place to ask.

What details were most important to you?

AY: We didn’t want to create too much waste for just a one-day event. Although we did have some waste in the end, we thought carefully about the environmental impact of every decision. As for general planning, photos were important to us, so we were grateful to find amazing photographers like Wen Hung for our pre-wedding shoots and Studio Oak for the big day. They captured truly heartfelt moments that we hope to relive again and again.

Why did you choose Bauhinia Garden?

AY: I work as a Nature Education Instructor for the Natural Network, which promotes green living and nature activities on a farm in Sheung Shui. We love nature, so an outdoor venue was our top choice. We searched online for grassy wedding venues and learned about Bauhinia Garden. Once we saw it, we thought the garden would be perfect.

How were your personalities reflected?

AY: We love DIY crafts, so we made lots of the wedding decor and props ourselves out of recycled materials. For example, the dreamcatcher backdrop, handmade soaps and lipsticks as guests favours, the illustrations on our invitations…. We also chose the music carefully and hung personal photos all around the venue. 

How did you incorporate eco-friendly elements?

AY: First, we rented tableware so that we wouldn’t have any disposable paper plates or plastic cultery. We also chose an all-veggie menu, which was great for our vegetarian friends and for the earth. It’s also important to control the amount of food to avoid waste. For our flower arrangements, we used vegetables for the bouquets and the corsages, so that we could eat them afterwards. 

How did you decide to carry a cabbage as your bouquet?

AY: We wanted to reduce waste in every part of our wedding, so the cabbage bouquet was a great example. It’s a little bit of a gimmick, but it represents the value of organic and local farming. It’s a beautiful fresh flower and it’s a low-carbon, low-waste option. Two days after the wedding, we actually cooked it in a mixed vegetable pot and enjoyed! 

Glad I spent money on: Photography, decoration and makeup

Glad I saved money on: My dresses

Who helped them:

Caterer: Mushroom Catering,

Pre-Wedding Photographer: Hsieh Wen Hung,

Wedding Day Photographer: Studio Oak,

Venue Decor & Florist: Make Your Choicesss Floral Lab,

Makeup/Hair: Miss Chloe Makeup,

Dress: Your Vintage Wedding Closet,

Suit: Menclave Homme,

Gift Favours: Handmade soap, taught by touchsoap,

Wedding Planner: Vivify Wedding Production,

Upcycled props: &dear,

Tableware: We Use,

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