Real Weddings: Kimberley Hu and Kevin Hui

Kevin and Kimberly celebrated their nuptials last March in Guam, which is also where they got engaged. They not only had a beautiful ceremony, but also created a city guide for their guests.

Why did you choose Guam for your wedding?
Kimberly Hu: I had always wanted to get married in Hawaii, since that’s where my mom is from, but it’s not the easiest place to reach from Hong Kong. Guam was a top contender, since we got engaged on the beach there. It definitely has a similar tropical feel to Hawaii, plus there are direct flights and it’s so close to Hong Kong.

Which venue did you choose?
KH: We got married at The Dusit Thani Guam Resort. We had originally hoped to have an outdoor wedding, but the tropical weather in Guam is unpredictable. Our wedding planner advised against it since it would be extremely hot, and we’d be stressing out about rain. My dad manufactures hotel furniture and had just completed the project at the newly opened Dusit, so we decided to get married there.

What surprised you most about having a destination wedding?
KH: The number of guests that flew in to celebrate with us was a really awesome surprise. We had originally assumed that a lot of people wouldn’t
be able to make it with their busy schedules and the logistics, but we ended up having 250 people fly in for the occasion!

Any not-so-great surprises?
KH: I think one of the more negative surprises for us was the flower situation. Even though Guam is a tropical island, we were surprised to learn that there aren’t many indigenous flowers. Our florist had to fly in all of our flowers from Taiwan and the Philippines, which ended up being a lot more expensive than we had anticipated.

What advice would you give to others who are considering a wedding abroad?
KH: Start early and get a wedding planner who is familiar with the destination. It helps a lot to have someone that knows the location and the vendors.
This also makes things easier if your destination is in a different time zone.

How did you share destination information?
KH: We created a wedding website with activity ideas, restaurant suggestions and shopping tips. We had been to Guam five times before our wedding and thought we knew the place really well – but our guests found so many amazing hiking spots, waterfalls and new restaurants that we didn’t even know existed.

What was the most memorable moment?
KH: I think our most memorable moment was seeing our parents together on the dance floor among a sea of our friends. A good friend gave us some really great advice: He told us to try and take a minute to step away from the crowd and just observe from a distance. It was really special to see all our favorite people together in one room.

Catering: The Dusit Thani Guam Resort,

Wedding Planner: Jane Kwok from Fashion Bride,

Photographer: Tony Yip from Tony Photography,

Videographer: Pixelhead Studio,

Florist: Diana’s Floral Studio, 

Wedding video: Nicola Fan,

Guest Favours: Chubby Charlie chocolates,

Bride’s dresses: Pronovias, and The Lace Atelier,

Groom’s tux: Custom made from Moda Republic,

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